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The Società Siciliana di Scienze Naturali (Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences) was founded with the intention of reviving the public's interest in the natural sciences. It promotes and organizes debates, round tables, exhibitions, conferences and any other research and dissemination activity in the field of natural sciences. It promotes the protection of the Sicilian scientific heritage by avoiding, with the available means, the destruction and dispersal, denouncing any illegal work and promoting appropriate divulgative activities. It maintains scientific relationships and exchange of periodicals with other Italian and foreign societies, naturalistic associations and with public and private scientific institutions. It organizes courses for the training and updating of every grade school teaching staff.

Among the main activities of the Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences, there is the publication of scientific journal "Il Naturalista Siciliano".

Since 1998 the Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences has been formally declared a Nonprofit Organization (NPO).


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