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The history of the Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences is closely linked to the history of the scientific periodical “Il Naturalista siciliano”; the periodical was started at the end of the Nineteenth century by the will of Enrico Ragusa, a young gentleman from Palermo, who was sent by his father to Frankfurt to be trained in hotel management. There he had the opportunity to get in touch with some lovers of Natural sciences who transmitted these cultural interests to him, especially with regards to entomology. Back in Sicily, he bought the beautiful residence of the Inghams in Palermo, which he transformed into the "Grand Hotel des Palmes". In 1870 he became a member of the Italian Entomological Society and until 1880 he published the results of his entomological researches in the Bulletin of this Society. However, he soon felt the need to have a Sicilian scientific journal, where he could convey the results of his studies and those of many countrymen who at that time carried out their research on the island. Thus in October 1881 the first issue of "The Sicilian Naturalist. Journal of Natural Sciences" was published. Around this enterprise, Ragusa brought together a group of active naturalists of the time, such as the Marquis of Monterosato for malacology, the Marquis Antonio De Gregorio Brunaccini for the geological part, Teodosio De Stefani Perez for zoology and many others. It is however starting from 1895 that some members, first of all the Marquis De Gregorio, thought about the creation of a great Society of Sicilian Naturalists. Between 1881 and 1948, a total of 32 volumes of “Il Naturalista siciliano” saw the light. Over 600 contributions were published, almost half of which were devoted to entomology.

More recently, and precisely on January 17, 1977, a group of Sicilian naturalists re-founded the "Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences" in Palermo, electing the illustrious Professor Marcello Carapezza as its first President. In a short sentence he summarized the soul of this renewed scientific partnership: “Naturalistic knowledge must become in Sicily also and above all naturalistic awareness, before speculation completes its devastation. If “Il Naturalista siciliano” makes a contribution to the formation of this awareness, it is truly to be wished for a long and industrious life.” The approach taken is very similar to that of similar associations present throughout Italy (Italian Society of Natural Sciences in Milan, Sardinian Society of Natural Sciences, Venetian Society of Natural Sciences, Society of Naturalists in Naples, etc.). The Association was not refounded with the sole objective of publishing the historical scientific journal, but in order to spread the naturalistic culture in Sicily. In fact, in recent years, the Association has implemented numerous activities which have seen the participation of a large public interested in the Natural sciences. Representatives of the academic world but also enthusiasts and numerous students have always animated all its social activities. Since 1998, having the characteristics provided for by national legislation, it has taken on the connotation of Non-profit Organization of Social Utility (ONLUS)



Refounders (1977)

Vincenzo Burgio, Cangialosi Giovanni, Cannizzaro Gaetano, Carapezza Attilio, Catalano Eliodoro, Cusimano Gioacchino, De Leo Giacomo, Di Palma Maria Gabriella, Massa Bruno, Mazzola Antonio, Orlando Vittorio Emanuele, Parrinello Nicolò, Romano Francesco Paolo, Romano Marcello, Tirrito Francesco

Presidents 1978-2019

Marcello Carapezza, Andrea Di Martino, Raimondo Catalano, Enzo Burgio, Fabio Lo Valvo, Francesco Maria Raimondo, Attilio Carapezza.

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